Know Your Car Is Always Fully Charged

Get EV charger installation services in Ferndale, NY

An electric vehicle is a great investment, but charging it can be a hassle. That's why Ross Electric offers EV charger installation services in Ferndale, NY. For your EV charger installation project, we can install a single station or a multi-station with multiple connections. We'll also make sure your station has a plug or socket that's compatible with your vehicle. With a charger in place, you'll have a safe, fast and convenient way to power your car. Contact us now for residential or commercial EV charger installation services. We also repair and maintain these systems.

Should you install an EV charger?

EV chargers are commonly found on a variety of commercial properties. With a charger in place, any employees, customers or passersby who own an electric vehicle will have a reason to come to your space. An EV charging station is a convenient addition to your:

  • Gas station
  • Parking garage
  • Business parking lot

Everyone who uses your store, gym or office space will appreciate having a place to charge their vehicles. For commercial EV charger installation services, reach out to us today.