Electrical Services for Home & Business by Ross Electric

Pool and Hot Tub Wiring

Adding a pool or hot tub to your home can add value and be a lot of fun for your family. However, wiring the pool/hot tub can be dangerous if not done right. Ross Electric is equipped to handle difficult pool/hot tub wiring and can ensure that your family enjoys a safe, peaceful, and stress-free time in your pool or hot tub. Each home and layout requires careful assessment to ensure the proper wiring is done to match the restrictions and needs of your home and the project. With our knowledge and experience, Ross Electric can handle any high-stakes job and get the work done for you. Contact Ross Electric to start enjoying your pool or hot tub without a care.

Outdoor Lighting

Electric landscape lights provide a beautiful, decorative touch that can transform any outdoor living space. It's the perfect complement to a backyard deck or patio, as it creates a wonderful nighttime ambiance for relaxing with family and friends or entertaining an outdoor party. Landscape lighting can also enhance your property's aesthetic appeal and make it safer for your family and visitors. Ross Electric can install attractive lighting for swimming pools, decks and patios, gardens and your property's unique landscaping features. Our team includes experienced, well-trained landscape lighting electricians who can handle all your installation, maintenance and repair needs, removing the burden from your shoulders.

Electrical Panel Installation, Upgrading, and Replacement

Your home's electrical panel supplies the right amount of power to each space in your home. Electrical panels connect the main power line to your home and distribute electrical currents accordingly. Without them, homes risk serious electrical problems and even fires. While typically reliable and safe, electrical panels can begin to show signs of wear and tear over time. If flickering lights or strange smells have left you wondering whether you should upgrade your electrical panel, you'll want to give Ross Electric a call. There are a bunch of reasons you might need a panel replacement. Most circuit breaker panels ought to be replaced after about 25 years of use, and certainly within the first 40. Some panels are known as fire hazards. Any damaged or obsolete breaker panels ought to be replaced. Whether you've got a damaged, outdated, or just plain dangerous breaker panel it's time to get an upgrade. Please note that upgrading electrical panels is dangerous and should only be handled by a professional electrician.

Warehouse Lighting

Commercial warehouse electrical and lighting installation is a crucial aspect of setting up any warehouse for business activities. The design of the electrical system should prioritize reliability, safety, and energy efficiency. Proper lighting is also essential to ensure worker safety and productivity. LED lighting is a popular choice, as it is energy-efficient and eco-friendly. A well-designed electrical system should also include backup power sources to avoid costly downtime in the event of power failures. Finally, it is essential to ensure that all electrical installations meet local codes and regulations to guarantee the safety of workers and the protection of property. Overall, a well-designed commercial warehouse electrical and lighting installation should prioritize safety, energy efficiency, and reliability.

Led Lighting Upgrades

LED is a highly energy-efficient lighting technology, and has the potential to fundamentally change the future of lighting in the United States. Residential LEDs - especially ENERGY STAR rated products - use at least 75% less energy, and last up to 25 times longer, than incandescent lighting.