In 1945, Ross Electric began. Harry Ross was the sole proprietor repairing radios and installing electrical outlets in homes. Joel, Harry's son, had the vision to see a growth potential in 1978 and expanded to add a second truck and let his sons Steve, Kenny, and later Eric work as helpers. Together with Joel's experience and efforts, the company expanded and made Ross Electric what it is today.

Now Ross Electric is the largest electrical contractor in the region and does all types of electrical work including residential, commercial, and industrial installations. We have a highly skilled and dependable staff; most of the employees have been here for over 10 years — some longer than 30 years! They have a fleet of service vehicles including pole-setting equipment, bucket trucks, backhoes, trenching equipment and fully equipped service vehicles.

Ross Electric is up to date on all of the latest electrical codes and is OSHA certified. We take pride in educating our staff and seek to maintain the highest degree of quality and efficiency on all job sites.